The NXT Generation...

Recently, my siblings and I have had fun playing Battle Bots, a game where each player controls a robot and tries to flip or disable opponent's robots while keeping his/her robot intact. The arena consisted of a room that was mostly clear except for a low-lying board in the middle, adding a neat strategy twist. A few players used modified SpyBots, while one of my brothers and I designed NXT robots with remote controls. A lot of fun and excitement, especially when you have other siblings cheering you on. :-)

Anyway, during one game, my youngest brother decided to have a go at controlling my robot. He was really cute, so my mom snapped a few pictures. In this picture, I'm helping him control my Battle Bot (the NXT robot engaging the red SpyBot).



BlueToothKiwi said…
It is a shame they dont sell those Spybots any more - I would have loved to have got that for the little ones in our house.
Anonymous said…
The green spybot was my first true LEGO robot, about three years before I delved into RIS and NXT. Is there any way to use the HiTechnic IRlink to connect the NXT and Spybot?
Although, "they" don't make Spybotics can still find them on eBay and Bricklink.

3 days ago on eBay I purchased 2 Spybotics models and pBricks with 3 remotes and a MicroScout unit ... all for $18.50 USD shipped. Quite the deal!

From what I understand so far...

The Spybotics pbricks feature an optical out and light sensor, which doubles as computer interface. This interface can also be used to connect to some of the other LEGO pbricks using VLL (virtual light link) by way of a clear fiber optic cable or light sensor. They have expanded IR functionality allowing it to communicate with other Spybots or RCX units. The IR unit also has limited direction and range function, allowing it to track and locate other Spybots, Remote Controls or RCX units.

Spybotics were also shipped with an IR remote control that can double as an IR beacon.

As for using Hitechnic's IRLink sensor with Spybotics... I think there was some talk on this...I'm sure someone here will provide some more details.


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