NXT Tutorial, Part II

Here is part two of Chad Cardwell's instructional video on the NXT. This video deals with NXT programming basics.

Chad is getting a graduate degree in instructional technology and the quality of the video's content reflects this.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for posting my second video too! Hi-res versions of both videos can be found on my website in WMV format. This second video benefits the most from viewing the hi-res version because of the small text in the NXT-G screen capture.

Just click my name above and you can find the video downloads on my site.
Andy said…
Thats two really great videos Chad! These videos really inspired me to build something and program it! I havent been building much with my NXTs lately :(


Those two videos are really great. Good introduction to the software environment, and NXT-G

I am sure they will benefit many children around the world!

Anonymous said…
Thank you for putting these video's on your site in a format other than You Tube. I don't know of a single school that does not block You Tube making it very difficult for teachers to use a lot of the great video's they find at school.
Anonymous said…
Hey, no problem! I'm paying for the web host, so I'd might as well get my money's worth, right?

Also, thanks for all of the positive feedback, everyone!

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