NXT Video Tutorial

For those completely new to the NXT, this eight-minute tutorial will serve as a useful guide.


Anonymous said…
Wow! I check this blog all the time, but I never thought I'd be featured on it! I'm flattered, and I hope everyone enjoys my video. Thanks for the posting! =D
Anonymous said…
i actually have a ton of mindstorms videos of robots and stuff and yours 1 and 2 are on my psp. :)
Rick Rhodes said…

Thanks for your video. It's a great, visual tutorial for those new to the NXT.
Hi Chad,

Very nice introduction, to the base kit - I look forward to the software part.

Unknown said…
This is my first comment that I have made on any blog as I don't use blogs etc. Great introduction to the nxt kit. I am a teacher and will be teaching robotics for the first time in 2009. Extremely helpful in showing the pieces. I saw the booklet for the kits and now I will let my students watch the video and build the robot from the booklet shown in the video. I will be watching the second video if I can find it

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