"NXT Zoo Book" Pictures from Science Fair

Christine wrote to tell us of a group of FLLers who built robots from the NXT Zoo Book for a local science fair.

Below are pictures of the robots that the kids built, plus photos of their actual science fair display. The web site describing their project is here.

Thanks, Christine!


Robolab 2.9 said…
Hey Fay,

In the fourth picture, which I believe is a skunk, what tires are used? It does not look like the standard RIS bicycle tires... it looks smoother. Any ideas?

Rick Rhodes said…
Hi Richard,

Fay thinks those tires on the skunk are the "Black 81.6 x 15 Motorcycle" tires from the Education Resource Set. The link to the tire is here.

Because of the picture's low resolution, you don't see the ridges on the tire.
Robolab 2.9 said…

Ok, thanks. I thought I saw a lot of ridges, more than those on the wheel you described, but whatever, it doesn't matter.

Thanks a lot, just wondering,


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