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I just got back from a week-long vacation - while at the beach, I saw something that I wish I had investigated further...

A small group in the water was playing with a small toy submarine that was in clear plastic - it appeared to be remotely controlled but it was unusual looking. I really think this item was not made in the USA as it had a distinctly Japanese look to it - not sure how to explain that but it just looked like similar toys from Japan that I've seen.

Anyone seen this? Know where to find one? I've Googled and dug around, but no luck. It was housed in a clear plastic shell (maybe a slight bluish tint to it) and had an external prop for movement and (I think) some sort of piston/hydraulic that pulled in and expelled water from a tank.

I think it would be awesome to have a similar shell built for the NXT... but I now many of us are hesitant to take our bricks anywhere near water.

I'm kicking myself for not swimming over and looking... argh.


Rick Rhodes said…

I hope you find your toy sub. I wish I had this one.
Hi, Rick... yeah, don't you wish you'd bought all those great toys when you were young from the comic books? Your sub find reminds me of those...

There was an RCX sub made from a spaghetti jar with a mini-motored syringe and an added bottle of pennies for ballast (light sensor operated). I think it was named ‘Yellow Submarine’. I have a picture at home I'll find. Another ‘MINDSTORMS’ sub was created by a university team for a challenge…I think it was called 'Predator' and was about 6 feet long.

Anonymous said…
Trip to Japan?
BlueToothKiwi said…
I dont know what it is that you saw. However, I have made one with an inverted gold FIshBowl. But it is more like a Diving bell than a Submarine. I also remember reading something about someone in NXTasy forum having a go but did not do it in the end.

It is possible - but why bother - non of the NXT sensors (e.g. Ultrasonic sensor) work underwater!
Eric D. Burdo said…
Monterey Bay Aquarium has a full ROV made with the RCX.

There is a PDF of it here:

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