RoboCup Junior

The annual RoboCup Junior International competition is kicking off next week in SuZhou, China (15th - 19th). I'll be there helping out, most probably on the Rescue League. If you're going, please drop in and say hello and show off your robots. I'll be taking plenty of photos for a later blog post when I get back.

For the Juniors there will be dancing robots, rescue robots and soccer robots, the majority which are LEGO Mindstorms creations. There are also all the senior leagues (predominantly Universities and research institutes) which have some absolutely amazing robots.

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Damien Kee


Unknown said…
I will be competing in RoboCup in the Rescue League, not the junior event though. My team is the Red Knight Rescue Team from Benilde-St. Margaret's. The only American team in the Rescue Robot division of the competition. Hopefully I will see you when I'm there. I'm starting the trip tomorrow morning by leaving the house at 5:15 am for the long journey there!

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