Robotics in Education Conference

Is anyone planning to attend this conference? I'm seriously tempted, but the cost and scarcity of flights gives me pause.

Link to the conference site


Anonymous said…
I went to this conference last year. It was a GREAT conference. I would highly recommend it to anyone who teaches robotics to children. The people from Butler County Community College are great and many of the top names from Carnegie Mellon are also involved.

One of the highlights last year was a trip to Carnegie Mellon for a tour of Robot City (where they test many of their robots - go to, the Robotics Institute (, the National Robotics Engineering Center (, and the Robotics Academy (

We got to see a demo of Boss while we were there. Boss was the $2 million winner of the DARPA Urban Challenge later that fall!

Larry Langellier
(sorry for the anonymous post - my login wasn't working this morning for some reason)
Andrew Davidson said…
Fay, I think there is an error in the link; for me it just displayed the PNG image, it did not take me to the actual site.

Fay Rhodes said…
Thanks for the heads up, Andy. The link (on the text) should be working correctly now.

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