Unofficial Guide to FLL

The final cover image is out, and the book is still on schedule to ship in August. Jonathan and I have completed all the chapters and have just a few items to take care of such as verifying the index, but the book is essentially completed.

I'll post an official page count as soon as I get it.

Additional stuff for FLL:

1. Free FLL missions worksheet and instructions (single PDF file zipped)

2. Robotics Competition Workbook (100 pages) at LEGO Ed or TheNXTStep Storefront

3. 2008 FLL Schedule (Official website - US and Canada)

NOTE: I'll be signing copies at Botoberfest in Atlanta (Sept 28, 2008) and will try and get Jonathan's signature on stickers that can be placed inside the book.


Anonymous said…
I'm looking forward to buying it!

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