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PnP - a simple "industrial" robot

Mars Base Command - Status of Gamma

NXT Weightlifter

AlphaRex Global Roadtrip - Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Wall-E updated!

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OK....NXT Ice Cream Machine : )

How to share the screen shots from NXT-G, MLCad, etc?

High Speed Photography with NXT


First Impressions of Joe Nagata's NXT Book

NXT Echo Telegraph

New Mindsensors acceleration sensor

Robot Inspiration Series #7: NXT Balls in Motion

AlphaRex's Global RoadTrip - New York, USA

That table is gonna be famous one day...

Wall-e NXT

FLL Unofficial Guide in stock

"Jumbo" Omni-Directional NXT

Nice website with plenty of ideas

New Blog - LEGO Teacher

An Interesting Treads Design...

New FTC Team

Robot Inspiration Series #6: Computer-Interacting Robots

Denmark and EV cars

Yoshihito Isogawa - Red, Blue, and Green Books

NXT Olympic Record: World's Slowest 100-meter Dash

HiTechnic Motor Controllers for FTC

Version 1.6 of Lemon released

New HiTechnic Items

NXT Pin plotter

Kit 9641 Pneumatics

Help out GeekDad!

FLL Unofficial Guide Bookplate

MindstormsKid Robot Submission

Building and Programming Instructions for RFID Xylophone

FLL Climate Connections Missions Video

Another thing to do with the huge green wheels...

Puppy dog


NXT++ Programming Language

Googling NXT


Joe Nagata's NXT Book

Books from Japan - More Info

NXT "Beast of Burden"

FLL Unofficial Guide - 25 page sample

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New books (3!) from Yoshihito Isogawa

Reaching African-American Students

FLL Unofficial Guide Shipped

Botoberfest - Atlanta, GA - September 28, 2008

FLL Climate Connections Resources

Robots replace teachers? Not. Anytime. Soon.

NI week video on Fox TV

Working with various motors in your NXT projects - Part 2

NXT "Slide Rule" Clock

NI Week 08, NXT-sans Underwater Excavator

Yellow Marshmallows and NXT

Working with various motors in your NXT projects - Part 1

Global RoadTrip - Iceland

FLL mat discussion