AlphaRex Global Roadtrip - Ljubljana, Slovenia

It's back across the "pond" for one of the Alpha Rex World Travelers... see the pictures from the Ljubljana, Slovenia visit here.



Anonymous said…
Is it me or is there 3 Alpha Rexs on the map?
Anonymous said…
It's not you.
Lol, yeah I noticed that too... must be a little mistake.

[robot] said…
:D! My home town!
The visit with the Dragons is nice to see. Interesting sites. Thanks AlphaRex!

Yep, there are only 2 AlphaRex Global RoadTrippers..the extra little yellow map dot was missed.

Anonymous said…
There's something really annoying on the map, though. If you scroll over Iceland, you get the black dots in Europe coming up over the picture! Just one of those small things that seem to wind the pants of me!

Anonymous said…
Does anyone know where the Alpha Rexs are heading? I'm wondering if their going to visit CA.
Robotica said…
Alpha Rex, is constant on the move,
I think that if there is a major LEGO or robotics event you can expect Alpha Rex is visiting by.

expect that Alpha Rex is present at LEGOWORLD, and simular major event in the USA.

Anonymous said…
Hey,l I live in slovenia, so can anyone tell me where the robot is now?
I want to greet him (:
Senthil Kumaran said…
We have a Robotics team at Spastics Society of Karnataka, India ( and participated in the national level FLL in India.

We would like to invite Alpha Rex to India. How should we go about?

orsenthil at gmail dot com
Anonymous said…
is there anything to see there?
does it just ravel around or is there a smaal event whereever the robot is going?

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