FLL "Climate Connections" Mission Details

Once again, we'll soon be posting individual mission discussion/reviews for the upcoming 2008-2009 FLL season theme, Climate Connections."

If you've already received your kit (they were shipped last week apparently), please let us know your initial thoughts and feel free to send us a picture of your team with the parts packs and mat.


**NEW** Mission Model Set Missing Elements
(posted 7/31/08)

Three elements were inadvertently left out of the Climate Connections Mission Model Set. The error was caught and the missing elements are included in the Mission Model set shipment. You will find the small bag of elements in the packing slip pouch on the side of the Mission Model Set box.

You will find three elements in the bag, as follows:

  • One 1x4 SYSTEM brick, white
  • Two cross axles with groove, red

    Please contact LEGO Education at 866-349-5346 if you have questions.

  • As of July 31, 2008, there are 3,448 registered teams in the U.S. and Canada.


    Anonymous said…
    I sure hope the rules are going to make this year's missions a lot harder than they look. It appears to be a lot of easy delivering and retrieving, with a couple of relatively easy manipulations. After all the 400's last year, I was hoping for something harder.

    My daughter's comment is, "Where are all the cool models? Maybe they're on a budget this year."
    Anonymous said…
    anonymous, could you post details? Model names etc. would be fun.

    Anonymous said…
    Sure. I'd post the pdf's but there is a 4 file upload limit, so here are the names.

    Bicycle, Underground Reservoir, Computer, Core Drilling Rig, House, Flood Gate, Ice Buoy, Ice & Core Sample, Insulation, Direction Arrows, Levee Blocks, Money & Carbon Dioxide, People, Polar Bear, Snowmobile and Storm System.

    The only ones that look even remotely fun to build are the Core Drilling Rig, House, Storm System and perhaps the Ice & Core Sample (if you like snapping together hundreds of 1x and 2x LEGO's). The Bicycle and Polar Bear are just LEGO pieces. The rest have a couple of pieces to assemble.

    I think you have to go to the Computer, find out there is a Storm System coming, check your Directions, ride your Bicycle to the House and add Insulation to it (all without getting eaten by the Polar Bear) before the Flood Gate opens to keep the Levee from overflowing, sinking the Snowmobile with all the People trying to obtain Ice & Core Samples who are left clinging to the Ice Buoy and trying to grab onto Carbon Dioxide to float them safely to the Underground Reservoir. (Did I miss anything?)
    Anonymous said…
    My kit just arrived (minus the mat) and I agree that they were on a budget this year. ~800 pieces in the kit. But, as I often end up building several kits for the tournaments, I'm not too sad....

    One thing that stands out is the directional arrows. This looks to be the shared model and will require something more than a simple race to the center. It may well go to the team that gets there last and knows how to use sensors.
    Anonymous said…
    Got my kit today too. Hmmm... Money? Carbon? A "Carbon Offset" Mission?
    Anonymous said…
    1)Which one is the shared mission?
    2)Where is "the parking lot"?
    Anonymous said…
    The start area is in the left corner. There is an area just to the right that looks to be the parking lot.

    The directional arrow looks to be the shared mission.
    James Trobaugh said…
    We have built some of the models and I have put some pictures of them on our site

    Anonymous said…
    Looking at the models, I'm thinking that the storm isn't something you want to activate. I believe it may be an "obstacle" to avoid.

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