FLL Unofficial Guide - 25 page sample

The folks over at No Starch have put together a 25 page PDF file that contains some sample chapters and pages from the book - you can download it here.


Fay Rhodes said…
This book really meets a need. Here in Oklahoma, we are just starting to develop FLL teams. I'm glad I can refer potential FLL leaders to this reference. Thanks!
Rick Rhodes said…
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Rick Rhodes said…
Even though I've built NXT robots for two years, I know very little about FLL. After reading the 25-page excerpt from this FLL book, I finally understand FLL basics.

If the rest of the book is like this excerpt, it will be clear, easy-to-follow and INFORMATIVE of the FLL process from start to finish.

The excerpt is practical, including the nuts and bolts of forming a team. It also addresses the mechanics of good robot design. I'm betting that this book will be a COMPLETE reference for FLL.

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