Googling NXT

Reader Simon R. emailed me a short note about searching Google:
"I typed nxt on Google and your website came up right after Lego website. I thought you'd like to know."

Thanks, Simon - we've got a good team here that keeps the blog updated, and our readers are helping now, too. I had to actually try it (see image) but you're right... it's very cool to come in right after LEGO. Now if we can just find a way to move up to the #1 position! Hmmm... :)


Andy said…
Jim, welcome to the world of true web development and SEO. SEO takes so much time but I might be able to help you get number 1

Oh, I'm totally kidding - something would be really wrong if our blog was overshadowing the parent company!

Brian Davis said…
Besides, the best way to get to #1 (if we want it) is to do exactly what's we've done to get to #2... just keep doing what we do :)
Anonymous said…
And anyway, who wants to be better than LEGO? ^_^
Anonymous said…
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Unknown said…
I totally agree with Brian. There are more imprtant things than to be #1 hit in a search engine (and, besides, there are ethical aspects to consider when it comes to Search Engine Optimization).

In Germany, THE NXT STEP comes on 10th place when googling for "nxt" (which is quite qood for a english-speaking page). After all, my own web site on NXT is fourth. Not that I care about it (of course I do!)... ;)

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