Guest Blogger Submissions

You may have noticed some recent "Guest Blog" posts and wondered how that works. Well, for the next few months (or longer) I'm going to try out something new - I want to give our readers the opportunity to share their discoveries (news, information, etc.) with TheNXTStep readers.

But there are 10 rules:

1. I will accept submissions ONLY via email (my address is along the right side of the screen - just look for it)

2. The subject line MUST be "Blog Story Submission" - I get 200-300 emails a day and use filters - if an email doesn't get sorted using one of my filters, it automatically gets sent to the trash and I never see it... seriously... I never examine the trashcan.

3. The text of your email MUST include either your FIRST NAME or your FORUM username and you need to tell me which you prefer me to use for the "written by" tagline.

4. Posts may be edited for spelling, grammar, content, and length - if something is missing that you feel is important, you can always add it back via a comment.

5. Not every submission will get posted - please don't get upset if your submission isn't accepted; likewise, I might hold a submission for a short time before posting (especially if it's a busy news day) or a long time (if I'm on vacation or sick or overworked or...). If something is extremely interesting but I need more details or info, you may receive a reply email, but it will be rare.

6. The best posts will follow a simple format: 2-5 paragraphs in length, 1-2 pictures max (but not required), all website/URLs provided in the text - answer Who?What?Where? and When? if possible. Ideally, what I'm looking for is NXT news - this means interesting articles, videos, pictures, websites, blogs that readers have probably not yet seen - and we've seen a lot!

7. We won't be posting robot designs or programs - but there are always exceptions! (If a robot or program is just out-of-the-park crazy/unique/special, then by all means, you can try and submit it...)

8. Op-Ed pieces (personal opinion writeups) aren't really what we're looking for, unless you have something really unique to comment on - even then, it's got to be 100% interesting and inspiring.

9. No websites or links that contain any advertising, language, or images that wouldn't be safe for an 8 year old (video links that can be embedded are okay). I reserve the right to make the final call on this...

10. The submission needs to relate to NXT - we occasionally drift off subject, but it's usually somehow linked to NXT or we try to relate it to NXT robotics.

That's it... I'll be posting these rules in the forum and additional requirements may be posted there at a later time if I required.

PLEASE remember - this is a blog - items will be pushed down the list as new items are added. On a busy day, your post may be 5 or 10 or 20 items down the page.

Thanks in advance - I'm looking forward to hearing from our readers.



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