Aug 26, 2008

How to share the screen shots from NXT-G, MLCad, etc?

This isn't a LEGO related post. Not directly. It's about a tool that you can use to help you share your digital creations with your friends.

I recently found a tool called Jing. It's a free screen-capture utility that also does screen casting (making a video of your computer screen). I wrote about it on the Brick Labs website.

I think this would be a great utility for capturing screen shots and video from NXT-G, MLCad, LDD or any of the other digital media that we use in our travels in the LEGO Robotics world... :)


Christopher R. Smith (Littlehorn) said...

This sounds interesting. I'll give it a spin. Thanks Chris

Mike1 said...

I think Cam Studio is also a great recorder. It is free and can record voice and has no limits (though it tends to freeze when it gets too big ex. 1 gb)

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