Joe Nagata's NXT Book

Joe Nagata, arguably the "king" of NXT walker designers, has published a 193-page book of his creations. The book's page on Amazon's Japanese web site is here.

Joe also has several books available here. Could someone who reads Japanese confirm that this particular book of Joe's is available on ("" doesn't provide cover images of Joe's books).


Rick Rhodes said…
I THINK you can buy Joe's NXT book from yesasia at the following URL:

(This book on has the same number of pages and the same release date as the one listed on Amazon's Japanese site).

HOWEVER, someone who reads Japanese should confirm this.

I may not be able to read Hiragana and Katakana, but I sure do love looking through the Japanese books I do have... I may go ahead and order this one...

Anonymous said…
The romanization on yesasia (jiyo nagata no rego maindo suto mu enuetsukusutei hokou robotsuto seisaku niyuumon) matches the writing on the cover of the following book on

If you're looking for Joe Nagata's introduction to making walking NXT robots, this is the one.


- Koga
Rick Rhodes said…
Thanks, Koga.

Koga has confirmed that the "" url mentioned in the first comment on this page is the correct one for buying Joe Nagata's book.

I've purchased from yesasia before and find them to be a reliable vendor. It generally takes a month to receive a book from them, if you live in the US.

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