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Reader Napoleon C. submitted the following project:

Mechanical Page Turner Design

This was a university project for my Kinematics of Mechanisms class that consisted in the design of an automatic page turner which was intended to serve as an assistive device for people with disabilities. The assignment required the identification of a page turning technique and the synthesis of the mechanism that would produce the output motion to carry out the task as well as its computer simulation. A working prototype was built using components from a Lego Mindstorm NXT kit for another engineering class to be used as the final step of a Rube Goldberg machine.


Guilherme said…
wow it's a nice bot!
Nice... my FLL team also made a "page turner" robot as a practice project before our first FLL season. Our robot lowered an arm with a wheel on it which started rolling up the page. Then a stick was inserted into the "hole" between the page being turned and the rest of the book, and flipped the page the rest of the way over.

Anonymous said…
it should be moe usefull if it turned the pages the other way!
Anonymous said…
Hi That's a great nifty machine.
Do you by any chance have the designs for it still? And is it open for redevelopment?
Thanks would be interested to see it if you can open up the code, components used, costs and so forth.

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