MindstormsKid Robot Submission

MindstormsKid submitted a writeup for his robot, WIRE-ME, that he submitted for the paint pellet dispenser design contest:


WIRE-ME was my entry for Mercury Wire's pellet moving contest. Since they needed an average of 3 pellets per 2 seconds, I took advantage of the fact that the pellets are about a half module wide, and that a small pulley gear has six holes (you can put 2 of them on a cross-axle in a way that the holes don't align), and is also a half module wide.

I started out by making something similar to Jonathan's robot, but on a much smaller scale. I went through a few (well, more like 5 to 10) models before I realized that I would have to make a robot that had an arm (and it was only a few days before the deadline!).

I then started programming. The hardest thing was getting it to do everything (go down > pick up pellets > go up > turn to funnel > drop pellets > align) in 4 seconds. Before I started optimizing, it took about 7 seconds/cycle.

I wasn't able to do the 24-hour test because the rechargeable battery was using more amps than it was getting from the charger. I have a submission package, NXTLOG post, and extra photos on brickshelf. I also made a movie of WIRE-ME and another one with some of the other submissions in it:

Thanks to Dan and Mercury Wire for a great contest and prizes, and good job to all the winners!

Download WIRE-ME info here.


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