New books (3!) from Yoshihito Isogawa

Our favorite writer and robot designer from Japan, Yoshihito Isogawa, has 3 new books coming out this month. I'll be gathering more information on the books shortly, but you can view them here.

"Based on "LEGO Technic Tora no Maki", more examples using LEGO
MINDSTORMS NXT motors and Japanese explanation were added in
these books.

The title of these books becomes "How to build machines with bricks",
because we cannot use the word "LEGO" on the cover page.

Red Book : Basic mechanisms.
Blue Book : Automobile mechanisms.
Green Book: Walking robotic mechanisms."


David Levy said…
I'd love to see companion workbooks (written in English ) that explain the mechanics, reveal some math, and identify popular components by name.

Maybe we can set up a book club on the TheNXTStep Forums for owners of these books to help embellish Mr Isogawa's designs.

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