New FTC Team

This year, Built On The Rock is taking a break from FLL. However, a couple of the team members and I are forming a new FTC team with some members of Team Overdrive, the World Festival robot champions from last year's FTC competition. (The other members decided to move up to FRC this year). The new robot system used in FTC, which combines the NXT with stronger, more powerful, non-LEGO construction pieces and motors, looks really nice. It makes sense too; the NXT has great processing and sensory power, but the LEGO construction system and NXT motors just aren't made for big, strong robots. Once we get our kit and the season gets underway, I'm hoping to post a lot more information about the system; it seems like it could be really useful for many applications other than FTC.

Any other NXT people out there looking at or getting into FTC?



Andy said…
Already there! You need any help as this will be my second year and I am the admin to FTC Lab ( sign up!) I'm happy to help!
Anonymous said…
Most of last year's FLL World Festival - 1st Place Robot Design - Progamming Award winner's (the Lego Guards) are starting an FTC Team this year (the Techno Guards). We're eagerly awaiting the kit and the information! The worst thing for us is that the closest other FTC team that we can find is 2-3 hours away, and none of us have done FTC before. We're looking at this as a learning year!

We also just started an online forum (since we didn't know about the FTC Lab forum) at - We have nothing there now, so we'll probably hook ours into the FTC Lab one now that we've found out about it!

Alan & Karl
(nothing really there yet...)

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