New HiTechnic Items

HiTechnic has two new items over on its website - the HiTechnic Touch Sensor Multiplexer and Power Function Programming Block: "it allows the speed of the Power Functions motors to be controlled along with Brake or Coast Mode"

Please let us know your experience with either if you'll be testing them...


Unknown said…
A bit of data regarding the Power Functions IRLink "Extra" NXT-G block: Under a minimal load (rotating a NXT motor via 25:1 gear ratio) I recorded the following motor speeds at various settings:

1 81 50
2 131 78
3 182 104
4 232 131
5 282 158
6 332 186
7 378 209

With each setting the motor rotations increase quite consistently. The M motor added about 50 rotations per setting and the XL added about 25.

More data and graphs on my site here:

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