Aug 16, 2008

New HiTechnic Items

HiTechnic has two new items over on its website - the HiTechnic Touch Sensor Multiplexer and Power Function Programming Block: "it allows the speed of the Power Functions motors to be controlled along with Brake or Coast Mode"

Please let us know your experience with either if you'll be testing them...

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BigToe said...

A bit of data regarding the Power Functions IRLink "Extra" NXT-G block: Under a minimal load (rotating a NXT motor via 25:1 gear ratio) I recorded the following motor speeds at various settings:

1 81 50
2 131 78
3 182 104
4 232 131
5 282 158
6 332 186
7 378 209

With each setting the motor rotations increase quite consistently. The M motor added about 50 rotations per setting and the XL added about 25.

More data and graphs on my site here:

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