New Video Challenge for FIRST Teams

(Thanks to Marco at for alerting me to this announcement from Paul Gudonis, FIRST President):

At the 2007 Championship, YouTube founder Chad Hurley and I announced the formation of the President’s Circle. We asked teams to produce a YouTube video on how they help recruit and support rookie teams, and you responded with energy and creativity. I’d like to again thank all the teams who made our inaugural year a success.

And now it’s time for the 2008/09 President’s Circle.

This year’s challenge asks you to put the power of advertising to work for FIRST. Here’s how it works:

Develop an Internet Ad

Post Your Ad on the FIRST YouTube Channel by November 1, 2008

Get Your Ad Placed Everywhere

The winning videos will be announced and shown at the 2009 FRC Kickoff on Saturday, January 3.

More info here.


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