NI Week 08, NXT-sans Underwater Excavator


NXT-sans Underwater Excavator

John Brost is showing the NXT-sans, a LEGO copy of the Nexans Spider, build to excavate underwater.
The model was build By Daniel, Martyn (aka Robotica) and Eric, in the Netherlands, for demo during NI Week 2008.
The real Spider works with an Compact RIO controller by NI, this one has 2 NXT running NXT-G or Labview.

This model has 5 XL PF motors to scoop, turn and drive. Form the remote you can turn on custom LED lights.
During the first day of the event 2 motor had to be exchanged because they stopped working. YES the motors are Running UNDERWATER, but are not watertight, they are more water resistance. [DO NOT SUBMERGE YOUR MOTORS OR NXT AT HOME, because LEGO® does not replace your motors!]

It took us about 100 hours to build an program the model.

More info:
Nexans Spider:



BlueToothKiwi said…
Excellent post - If you want to ignore Martyn's caution and try it for your self - do avoid doing it on a coral reef!

But seriously - this is a fantastic project and I love it - There are no special parts here - apart from the long cable which can be built pretty easily [I will post instructions later this week). The bucket is from the 2008 TECHNIC excavator, the wheels are from a Mission to mars set. The only thing that is the hard to get part is the guts to sacrifice the PF motor and cable!

Well done to everyone involved - The team from Holland (Daniel W, Martyn B, Eric S), Dave P. And John B for demoing it .... and of course LEGO.
David Levy said…
Very Cool.

It is hard to see from the video. Did the submerged robot also include the PF battery box or just the motors?
Any problems with the leads connected to the motors?

Also: What is that tube running from the robot to outside the tank. Is that were you are running the wires? If so then how is the connection sealed?
BlueToothKiwi said…
I think based on what Martyn posted it looks like the PF motors are powered by a custom cable from the surface. If you want to create a cable like that, please check out this post
Anonymous said…
this was an amazing project and i really like how they got it underwater. i cant wait to get some money for some new lego sets. and i am planning on getting a brick. this was seriously awsome i wish i could see it in person.

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