NXC Tutorials for Beginners

"megamindstorm101" has posted some basic tutorials for those new to NXC. They're available here.

NXC requires no additional firmware other than that supplied with the NXT kit. (It's also free).

You can download NXC and its graphical interface (known as "Bricx Command Center") here.

NXC is used by all the robots in Daniele Benedettelli's book, "Creating Cool Mindstorms NXT Robots". It's also used in Tilted Twister, a Rubik's cube-solving robot that requires only one NXT kit.

Those wanting to delve deeply into NXC can purchase NXT Power Programming by John Hansen.


Anonymous said…
wow thank you so much i didnt expect this to happen.
Rick Rhodes said…
For those looking to "get their feet wet" with NXC, megamindstorms' site is a good place to start.

There's a lot of NXC code floating around the internet, but a lot of it is buggy. I ran all the code from mega's site through the Bricx Command Center IDE and all of it works.
Anonymous said…
thanx. I just started using nXc and I found out that I learned the best to use the simple walkthroughs and so I decided I can learn the hard way through the internet than make a sample program for that section that I checked and recheked for bugs with a robot I just decide tobuild. Then I put it up in a step by step format on my site to help people learn the simple way by using step by step code pieces.
Salax said…
Cool, this was what I was looking for. I'm cjb204 by the way:) (we know each other from a dispute we had on my project "Centaur Bot v2" [http://mindstorms.lego.com/nxtlog/ProjectDisplay.aspx?id=ab7ae4cc-be7f-4f97-b0db-1a438961d1a7]
I asked him about one, he made one, apparently) I'll post my feedback on it soon.
Salax said…
sorry, the url was cut up. here it is:http://mindstorms.lego.com/nxtlog/
Anonymous said…
hey nice to see you again. from that centaur bot. i wasnt able to tell you becasue the comment kept on being rejected but to delete a comment you go to the left side of your screen where it says "my comments" and you click on it. then you search through the comments and go to the one you are loking for and click delete button next to it. please delete that comment that you wrote becasue i dont like it much. you know which one that is. :)
Salax said…
Got it, let's delete the whole argument. By the way, do you want to join my NXT blog? I am the only author, and so I update once a month, therefore making it very boring :) Just create a Google/Blogger account, comment using it, and I'll invite you. nxtforbeginners.blogspot.com. I hate the name, but oh well.

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