NXT Olympic Record: World's Slowest 100-meter Dash

Complete with crowds, Olympic flame and fireworks.

The creator's description:

"The use of a single NXT limits the number of controlled motors to only three. In order to overcome this limitation, a special device ('Analogue Multi-Output Device') has been constructed. With this the simulated race is fully automated and no manual intervention is required.

The race takes place in steps and at a given time only one athlete is in move. Thus, don't expect that runners will complete the race in 10 seconds... this is a "slow motion" race."


Anonymous said…
This design is in the classic 'Building Robots with Lego Mindstorms' book. Nothing new.
Anonymous said…
The design in 'Building Robots with Lego Mindstorms' uses two motors. It sounds like this one is only using one?
Anonymous said…
This design uses two motors just like the book. Notice how he says 'one NXT servo motor' and on the next screen 'one more NXT servo motor'.
Anonymous said…
What is your point? Still an intersting post.
Anonymous said…
Sorry, but never had the chance to read the above mentioned book. You can find the LDD of my Analogue Multi Output Device at NXTLOG ( http://mindstorms.lego.com/nxtlog/ProjectDisplay.aspx?id=eda858e6-240c-4d47-b7ad-7ad96c99d376 ) and additional photos at my personal site ( http://web.mac.com/NeXTSTORM ).
My Best Regards

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