NXT Pin plotter

Check out this amazing plotter that pokes tiny pin holes in paper. The creator says that can 'print' 1.3 pin holes every 1 mm.
Other Specifications:
  • printable area: 91×70mm (3.6"x2.7")
  • maximum resolution: 1.3 holes/mm (33 dpi), using a 0.3mm needle
  • time to print a bitmap of about 1,500 holes: some 35-40 minutes
  • materials: only LEGO parts (one NXT brick, three NXT motors, three NXT touch-sensors, lots of Technic bricks) except the needle
  • software: 14k of NXC commented source
  • "printable" media: 105mm-wide paper sheets (best results using 80-100g/mq paper), plastic sheets (not too thick), kitchen "aluminium sheets"...
  • NXT brick batteries: 6× 1.2V NiMH AA batteries (rated "2300mAh") allow 100 to 150 minutes printing

Full details at his website: http://www.alfonsomartone.itb.it/naxntb.html

Damien Kee


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