OK....NXT Ice Cream Machine : )


Anonymous said…
hmm, its a nice idea, but i dont think it is good to freeze your motors... aldough H.A.L.E proved in what conditions the NXT can operate.
Brian Davis said…
It's probably not a "recommended" thing... but I've tested my motors and NXT in the freezer for several hours, on several different occasions, getting ready for HALE, with no problems. There were a significant number of motors on the HALE payloads that were exposed to far worse conditions than this... and still function fine. And prior to HALE, I've run LNE/PackBot around in the snow and ice of a midwestern winter until the motors stalled out from ice build-up. I suspect a bigger problem is if anything splashes or leaks into the motor - I'm no longer worried about cold temperatures.

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