Puppy dog

It's now the second time this has happened, but I've been tinkering away at a little robot design only to find a similar one found by a fellow contributors.

This puppy has 2 legs and a set of castors on the front for stability with the initial design inspired by the amazing creations of Theo Jansen. The leg design is based on a six bar linkage which I best found explained at http://www.mechanicalspider.com/.

Getting the right link lengths was probably the trickiest part and I went through quite a few versions until I got just the right combination of step length and step height.

The stick on eyes and tail were my fiancée's idea and really give the little guy some personality.

Damien Kee


David Levy said…
Very nice! I appreciate how you demonstrated the use of the "bar linkage" mechanism.

I can't help but think of the line from the movie "Sleeper" :

"What does he do, leave little batteries around the house?"
Damien Kee said…
Thanks David. I'm hoping the slow version is slow enough for people to see exactly how it works and then to try and build one themselves.

I certainly would have struggled if I didn't find the mechanicalspider demo.

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