Second round of Sumo training

It has been quite a week - first with the HALE launch and then with another Sumo training session. This time I had 19 kids ( rising 6-8 grade beginners with no NXT experience ). They picked up the NXT building, programming, and LDD design pretty quickly and were able to build bots ready for today's match in the Sumo ring.

In addition, all the teams were able to promote themselves and their creations on team web pages which you can see if you scroll half way down the following link.

This week's Sumo teams: (team-possible, Conquerers, Crossfire,Crazy-bot, Alt, Necate, Chovabub)



Anonymous said…
Our daughter, a rising 5th grader, was a member of this group and enjoyed the experience greatly. We are going to buy her her own Mindstorm NXT set tomorrow at our nearby LEGO store. She will determine its functions and design the bot. She and I will collaborate on the software development. David Levy's camp at Flint Hill school was a great experience and he's a marvelous teacher. Well worth the fee!
David Levy said…
Thanks Dan.

It was a great experience for me as well. T
The NXT retail set is slightly different than the one we used in the camp. The programming environment is the same however the retail kit comes with complete instructions to build 4 very cool robots of varying degrees of difficulty. There are also more pieces in the retail kit but unfortunately no rechargeable battery unit.

When you open the box you should find that one of bags is meant to be opened first as it has all the pieces necessary to build the base vehicle.

Good Luck

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