That table is gonna be famous one day...

Tom W. was flipping through his new copy of FIRST LEGO League: The Unofficial Guide and got to page 15... then 16... then - WAIT A minute - flip back to 15! That photo looks familiar... he flipped back and realized his kitchen table was famous!

Seriously - Jonathan and I tried to give credit where we could for photos but this one got overlooked. Thanks, Tom, for the picture of all the nice FLL model pieces resting in their packaging... and sorry we missed crediting you. Nice table!



Anonymous said…
Oh my! I got my copy of the book a couple of days ago, but had not had time to open it (getting my classroom ready for school to start next week). I started reading it tonight, and right there on page 5 is a picture of my team! I am so excited for the boys. I'm emailing the team parents tonight. I think I can guarantee at least eight more book sales.

Thank you so much for putting Team 299 Bearbotics in your book!
Hi Linda! Your team is one of the highlight stories of FLL and NXT success. Keep up the great work!

Hi, Linda.

Please tell the Bearbotics I said hello. I was happy to have that photo to put in there (I miss Texas!).

Anonymous said…
Good Jób! :)

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