Wall-e NXT

Remember this post on building your own Wall-e. Marc-Andre from Canada took the challenge and build this amazing NXT Wall-e replica – it even has the original sound -:)

In Marc-Andre's own words:
This Lego Wall-E is entirely controlled via the NXT using NXT-G program. The chains are driven by 2 large PF motors connected to IR receiver. The arms go up and down individually using the 2 other smaller PF motors on another IR receiver. Both the receivers get their command thru the HiTechnic IR LINK Sensor via the NXT.The NXT servo motor are used for opening/closing of the hands and 2 more are used to move the head right/left and up/down. I have used 2 gearbox (with wormgears for the arms) and one for the head. Most of the yellow lego is from the Bulldozer kit from which i also took the Chains and PowerFunctions

More pictures can be found here.



Thankyou Anders, i just would like to add that i do have lots of sound in my NXT-G program but most of them are default nxt-g sound files except for one where you here EVA is an attempt to convert WAV to RSO... the sounds you hear that seem from the real wall-e at the beginning of the video are in fact from movie trailer playing in the background while i'm filming.

Please make sure you check my upcoming wall-e upgrade using the new Mindsensor NXTservo module that allows me to animate the eye's -- i will post it soon on youtube - user bazmarc

Thanks for watching and comments.
Anonymous said…
I want a wall-e!!!

Seriously, you should talk to LEGO about marketing an add-on kit to the basic MINDSTORMS NXT set with the parts and building instructions for wall-e.

By the way, you might want to get a rechargeable battery pack for the NXT instead of using AA batteries (if the design allows access to the recharge port).

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