Wall-E updated!

Do you remember the amazing Wall-E build from a few weeks ago? Well Marc-Andres has updated it further and has added in movement of the eyes to the main structure. It's amazing how just a little bit of movement in the eyes can give it so much character.

From the youtube page:
SPECS: 1 NXT with rechargable pack, 3 Servo Motors, 4 PF motors, 2 IR receiver, 1 UltraSonic sensor, 1 sound sensor, 1 IRlink, 1 NXTservo module and 1 mini RC servo, 10 AA batteries and Lego from the Bulldozer #8275 and other parts from various technic sets, topped with over 100 hours of fun.
How he fits all of that into the robot, I'll never figure out!

Damien Kee


Damien, Thanks so much for updating the story on The NXT Step - however already came up with another revision and i think it is major!...

On this video showing off the eyes with emotion, i was still using 2 modified (ouch) Z40 gears that i had drilled the center + for a contraption built many years ago. It seemed like the right parts for my Arm/Hand movement of Wall-e, to allow the NXT motor to open the hands (in sync) yet still allow the PF motor that mesh with it-and-a worm gearbox to raise the left and right arms independently.

But after being challenge to make my Wall-E 'pure' i started to play around with the big turntable gear that i had completely ignored on my original prototypes. I had doubt i could make it all fit without affecting wall-e proportion and so i filmed many stages of my design changes. (to be edited soon).

Well i pulled it off! and not only do they fit, I somehow gained space allowing me to insert the IRlink centrally and have both receivers point inwards symmetrically from each side.

I also took this opportunity to refine the batt holder below the robot and strengthen the arm design a bit.

I've learned thru this project that many viewers enjoy seeing the progression of the design and that filming while i prototype could become a whole new approach used perhaps in Lego Workshops.

Things left to improve beside maybe head mechanics is the programming. Such concept as the FSM in NXC explained in Daniele latest book would be awesome for wall-e but for now it is a NXT-G pretty basic linear demo routine.

Meanwhile, please check out my "Pure Lego Wall-E NXT (rev 3.)" video here
PS,,, i'm honored to have my robot on The NXT Step - thanks
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