50 Fun Projects for your NXT

The nxtprograms.com website reached a milestone recently, with 50 projects posted, all with full building instructions and downloadable programs. To celebrate this milestone, I have published a new version of the CD titled "50 Fun Projects for your LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT", now in a full color jewel case. The CD is useful for anyone who wants to access the projects without a fast internet connection in their LEGO room, as a backup against network flakiness, or just as a nice addition to their collection of books and other NXT resources. A significant bulk discount is also available for teachers and coaches to order multiple copies to use in their classrooms and/or distribute to their students.

Also, by popular demand, I have started to try to enter the video age by posting videos of the projects on YouTube. There are some there now from the most recent projects, and as I have time, I will be rebuilding and videoing the past projects to get more up there.


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