Bot'oberfest 2008 Summary

Yesterday, over 400 participants gathered at the Atlanta Girls' School for Bot'oberfest 2008 (up from almost 300 in 2007).

Classes this year included:

Intro to NXT-G Programming
Intermediate NXT-G
Advanced NXT-G

Basic Robot Design
Reliable Robot Design
Chassis Design

FLL Project & Judging Overview
FLL Missions Overview (and Discussion of Rules)

Open Meet & Discuss

I'll post a link shortly where you can view slideshows for the various classes. The event was a huge success, and we're already hearing back from attendees on what they liked and what they'd like to see next year. We broke the event up into a morning and afternoon session and allowed participants to sign up for one or the other (the schedule was repeated and the spreadsheet can be downloaded here).


James Trobaugh said…
Our team really enjoyed Bot'oberfest, the "FLL Missions Overview" was exactly what we needed since we had so many questions about this year's missions.

We came away from the day freshly motivated and ready to get back to work.



Team Super Awesome (#187)

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