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We enjoy covering FLL and will continue to bring you news related to it, but just in case you're unfamiliar with the site, please check out www.techbrick.com if you've never paid a visit. Marco Ciavolino's coverage of all things FLL is outstanding - he even provides an email newsletter that always keeps you up-to-date on rule changes, new resources, and anything else he can fit in there... many of the notices you see on our blog related to FLL come directly from Marco. He's recently added some new resources that teams will find incredibly useful... here's a sample of his most recent newsletter:

1. Anne and Dave, our new mentors for FLL, have come up with the most amazing, simple, and effective method for helping a team work through the missions, especially for rookie teams.

Read about it here:

2. New Resource: Three Climate Maps

We found a range of global climate maps. Here's the worksheets we used to generate a huge amount of discussion.

See it here (scroll down to first new item)

3. Two new group communications games.
Check out plural weather terms and marker mystery.

Download them here. Scroll down and look for the two new items.
4. Get personalized versions of the Climate Connections Poster


Fay Rhodes said…

A local fifth-grade math teacher and I are starting two FLL teams this year. I just want to tell you and Jonathan that your FLL book is SO helpful. It has made all of the difference between a good start and PANIC!


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