Guitar-Playing NXT

Here's the description from the creator:

"This robot can play five chords using three NXT motors. The guitar is an ordinary acoustic guitar tuned in "open C" - it plays a C chord when the strings are strummed without the other hand touching the fret board.

And I can say that the robot plays the guitar better than I do!"


properpropeller said…
WOW!You cou;d make it play something like smoke on the water.
Dave Parker said…
Very cool! And re-tuning the guitar is a great example of adapating the environment to suit the robot.
Anonymous said…
Yes it plays better than me too! Very good sound!

If we could apply some fast fourier transforms (FFT) to the microphone recordings (maybe with a FFT java library for lejos),
then it would not be difficult to automatically tune a guitar.
I mean a NXT robot to use microphone, FFT and 4? motors to determine and correct the pitching of each string.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the nice comments. Don't forget to watch my other instrument playing robots. I have a complete band now.

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