Mexican Robotics Tournament 2008 - Guest Blog

Reader MG submitted the following writeup - (be sure to check out the pictures using the Picasa link at bottom):

The Mexican Robotics Federation, the Instituto de Ciencia y Tecnología del Distrito Federal (Institute for Science and Technology of Distrito Federal), along with local private and state universities hosted a national robotics competition, at Palacio de Mineria, from September 4th through 6th in Mexico City. The event gathered students from all over the country, from middle school to graduate students. It was an event that made national news.

This tournament hosted a great number of categories, from the Robocup and Robocup Jr. to the IEEE Latin American Students Robotics Competition. The variety of robots was big, from homebrew to Lego Mindstorms. You could see humanoid robots playing soccer, cleaning robots, arm disarming robots, rescue robots, line followers and much, much more.

I had the privilege of judging the SEK category. There were 12 teams competing, all of the teams designed their robots using Lego Mindstorms (mostly NXTs, just a couple of RCXs). The designs were very creative, some simple, some complex; the principal sensors used were the ultrasonic, light sensor, touch sensor. some robots had to use two NXTs and Bluetooth in order to be autonomous. For more information on the competition rules click here ( The team Lego Troopers from the university of ITAM were the winners for this category.

Winners of the competition were sponsored so they can compete in upcoming international events like RoboCup, Robot Olympiad, the IEEE Latin American Robotics Competition.

This is a link of the SEK (Standard Education Kit) subcategory of the IEEE Latina American Students Robotics category (mainly is my students participation and touring of Mexico City)


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