New Book by NXTstep Bloggers

To be published November 29, 2008--just in time for Thanksgiving, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Christmas and every budding engineers birthday. :)

Each of the ten models in the book requires only one NXT retail kit. The Amazon link is here.

(NOTE: Amazon has the book listed as "NXT Idea Book Volume 2". However, the book's image on the link has the correct title. The publisher promises to correct this on Amazon as soon as possible).


Rick Rhodes said…
The book's editor just informed me that the book will be released on November 4th, not November 29th as Amazon states.

This is incredibly good news, as it means that the book will be available for other special holidays:

Melbourne Cup Day (Nov. 4th)
Veteran's Day (US, Nov. 11th)
A&P Day (New Zealand, Nov. 14th)

The book's cover model was designed by NXTstepper Chris Smith, who has the unfortunate luck to be in Houston right now, awaiting Hurricane Ike.

Chris: Put that model (and yourself) on the top shelf!
well there are still some holidays that it isnt ready for like my Eid (muslim). i am planning on buying this book with my eid money though just get it a month after Eid. (Eid is October 1st)
Oswald said…
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BlueToothKiwi said…
I live in New Zealand - but never heard of A&P Day.

I love days off - and if we have such holiday in NZ on 14th Nov - I would know about it!

Where did you get this date from? I dont even know what A&P stands for: Agricultural & Pastoral Day? Probably not.

The nearest holiday we have is of course Christmas!
Rick Rhodes said…
"A&P Day" is listed in my "Daytimer" 2008 calendar.

Actually, the point of my tongue-in-cheek post is getting a little lost here.

Listing all of these so-called, book-buying "holidays" was a wry attempt to say, "we hope you buy the book".
Anonymous said…
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