New Sensor from HiTechnic

I was just surfing the HiTechnic Website when I found that they have released a new sensor. The Electro Optical Proximity Detector or EOPD is used to ...accurately detect objects and small changes in distance...

The sensor has its own internal light source so it won't be disturbed by external light signals. Objects can be detected from distances up to 30 cm. Has anyone got or tested this sensor - if so please comment and share your experience with the rest of us.



Anonymous said…
I believe HiTechnic also released one of these for RCX. I know that someone famously used in an RCX LegWay, or something like that. It looks interesting.

Brian Davis said…
Indeed the initial LegWay built by Steve Hassenplug used EOPD's with the RCX. I do have a beta unit of this sensor, and it seems to perform very well with the NXT, although I've yet to try to make a balancing vehicle with it.

Brian Davis
Anonymous said…
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