NXT Birthday Cake

Shortly after reaching the 50 project milestone, today the nxtprograms.com web site reached another milestone by turning one year old! So here is a one-candle birthday cake project to celebrate.

The flame on the candle of the cake will "flicker" while the NXT plays the "Happy Birthday" song ,and when the song finishes, you can make a wish and blow out the candle. The sound sensor will detect the blowing, and then the flame will disappear!

Here is a video of the cake in action:


Anonymous said…

MOST creative.

Anonymous said…
Happy birthday to you!
Long life to your website and your fun projects.
I appreciate very much your teaching methods.

A glance from Paris,
A Bientôt,
Congrats, Dave! I look forward to Year 2 designs!

BlueToothKiwi said…
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BlueToothKiwi said…
Congratulations Dave and Many happy returns for your site birthday.

And as for the birthday cake!! Wow!
Your NXT kit must be one of the luckiest kits to have undergone construction through so many different useful models / gadgets / toys / weapons over the last year!

Look forward to seeing more of your cool creations both on TheNXTStep and NXTPrograms web sites!

Tim [BlueToothKiwi]
Andy said…
Happy birthday! :D
And congrats on 51 creations! :D

Regards from Norway,
Unknown said…

Your creations are imaginative and their implementations are simple - what better could be said of robots?

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