One-Kit Wonders, an outline

LEGO MINSTORMS NXT One-Kit Wonders, the new book by the blog contributors is scheduled to be printed around the fourth of November this year. This post gives you an outline of the ten chapters and their robots.

Chapter one:
CandyPicker: A candy-picking robot with built-in generator and remote control

Chapter two:
PunchBot: Old-school programming using your NXT

Chapter three:
M: the m&m sorter

Chapter four:
NXT Dragster: The NXT STEP Dragster Challenge

Chapter five:
BobBot: An NXT version of the Bobcat

Chapter six:
RoboLock: A security system for your robots

Chapter seven:
The hand: A robot for those dirty jobs

Chapter eight:
SPC: Self-parking car

Chapter nine:
GrabBot: A robot that finds, grabs, lifts, and moves

Chapter ten:
Bike: A two wheeled, obstacle avoiding vehicle

Read more about the book in previous posts here.


Anonymous said…
wait a min, is nr10 a self balancing bike?????
Laurens Valk said…
It used to be, but I believe that section of the chapter was deleted. I'm guessing this will be available for seperate download for the book readers.
BluetoothKiwi, the author of this chapter can answer your question.

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