Other LEGO Blogs

There are many blogs out in the world today. Many are devoted to LEGO topics. Some are devoted to Robotics. But not many are devoted to both LEGO and Robotics.

The Brothers Brick is one of the LEGO Blogs out there. It isn't really Robotics focused, or even Technic focused. It's more of a "Check out this cool creation". They have a good group of authors, and a large readership.

The Brothers Brick recently posted their 10 Other LEGO Blogs you should be reading. And guess who is on the list! That's right. The NXT Step!

One of the other blogs they mentioned looks pretty good too. It's called TechnicBRICKS. They cover a lot of Technic creations, which often go hand-in-hand with the NXT Robotics creations too.

And one last find. The Brothers Brick recently featured a Tripod Turret that is fully automated, and appears to be powered by some PF devices. You can read their writeup here. The Brothers Brick - Auto-Controlled Tripod Turret.


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