RHex, the Rugged Robot

Today, I ran over the web site of Boston Dynamics that features a video with a fascinating robot of theirs, the RHex ("The Rugged Robot that Devours Rough Terrain").
It's a six-legged machine that is able to walk over almost any terrain found out there, to climb stairways, steep slopes and railroad tracks and even to swim!

Though it's not a NXT robot, the video decidedly is some kind of inspiration in that regard (however, don't try to throw your brick into a pool of mud, don't you! Mind, it's not as sealed as RHEx...).

Watch the video - it's intriguing!


Laurens Valk said…
Looks like someone has already given this a (succesful) try with NXT:
Unknown said…

thanks for the hint: this is a LEGO implementation of the RHex indeed!
Have a look at the LHex's web site - a lot of images there.
Anonymous said…
hey guys, glad you like it - it gets a lot of hits. now if those metal parts were available then - um - might try it again this time faster and stonger

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