Robot Inspiration Series #8: Bionic Apparatus

One interesting kind of robots is bionic robots, or robots that humans can wear to gain extra capabilities. Some examples of these robots are my A27 Bionic Glove and Bionic Helmet.

So this week's inspiration is to build some sort of bionic apparatus that you wear and that gives you one or more extra capabilities. Some examples include extending grabber arms, night vision (or object detection at night), weapons, and decoders (make your own code, like a color code, and a robot that can read and decipher it). Some places to wear a robot include on your arm/wrist, in your pocket, on your leg, and on your back as a backpack.

A couple issues to consider when making a bionic apparatus are fit and weight. With solid, blocky LEGO building pieces, it can be pretty hard to make a robot that fits securely and, especially, comfortably. And by the way, even if the robot seems to have a comfortable fit, wear it around for 10 minutes and you might change your mind! :-) When trying to get the fit right, it can be helpful to use soft, flexible pieces such as tires and other rubber parts. String might also come in handy.

If your robot weighs too much (or if the weight isn't spread evenly throughout the robot), it can be awkward and uncomfortable to wear. Try to keep motors and NXT Bricks to a minimum. You might even be able to wear the NXT Brick separately, such as in your pocket.


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Eric D. Burdo said…
My chapter in the upcoming book - LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT One-Kit Wonders has a Hand that you can create. It fits well with this Bionic Apparatus theme.

You can read more about the book here:

Brick Labs - One-Kit Wonders
Anonymous said…
I don't think so, dsavv.

Jonathan posted his helmet back in September 2007 and your NXTLOG submission shows an August 2008 date.

You owe Jonathan an apology.
Jonathan's original post:
Anonymous said…
I guess dsavv doesn't feel an apology is needed. I think all these whiners who accuse someone of stealing their idea should have their nxt kit given to the person accused.

dsavv should be ashamed of himself.

You know, dsavv, when you think someone has used your idea for their robot, or even copied your design, it might be better to think of it as a compliment rather than an injustice. The person thought your idea was so good that they wanted to use it as well! I really enjoy seeing someone benefit from my ideas or designs.

Anonymous said…
I have to agree with jonathan. The fact they do copy is not only a honor but it leads to new ideas i think. Brian Davis has had many great projects that directly or even indirectly gave me many an idea. His LNE brought a whole host of "copies". My TriTrax though not exatly the same was 90% do to his LNE. I have seen Many TriTrax since then at NXTlog. Some are very well done too. They dont alays give us props but many do.

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