Sep 28, 2008

Robot Inspiration Series #9: Construction Bots

EDIT : You can see a robot that does this sort of thing here.

This week's inspiration is somewhat advanced: construction robots. Can you make a robot that builds something, on its own, out of LEGOs? It doesn't have to be another robot, or even something very complicated. You could have a robot build a wall, for example. Or you could have a pallet of pieces, arranged in the right order, that a robot selects and puts together on a workspace.

You can see some (very) elaborate examples of construction robots in the Aircraft Factory and Car Factory. Obviously, you probably wouldn't make something like this, but maybe a small, simpler, version would be possible.

Let us know if you make one!


P.S. See other posts in this blog series here.


Brian Davis said...

You have missed one of the really amazing examples in this catagory - DuckPro by Ian Hendry. You might want to pop this link up in the main blog post:

Ian's incredible Pick and Place machines were what made me want to build my own, of which "PNP" is a weak version:

There are probably lots more out there - but Ian's creations are really some of the most amazing in their speed, accuracy... and size.

Brian Davis

Jonathan Daudelin said...

Thanks Brian... didn't know about that one. I've updated the post accordingly.


Anonymous said...
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Robotic Palletizing said...
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