Toys'R'Us Sale

Reader "W" emailed to inform me about Toys'R'Us annual birthday sale (Geoffrey, their mascot)... LEGO is included in the buy 2, get 1 free deal and "W" said the offer goes for NXT kits this year AND is available on-line and in-stores.

I checked out the website and LEGO products are listed as being covered, but no word on in-store - if someone else wants to verify and drop me an email, it'd be appreciated.


Unknown said…
I saw this in the Sunday paper, and thought it was a good deal too, until I went into the store. We were looking at the Police Headquarters for my boy, and it was $10 more at TRU versus Amazon. Amazon has no tax (to my location) and free shipping. I? compared a few other random sets with Amazon, and found Amazon to be cheaper on all of them in the $5 - $10 range. The killer was that the TRU price for the NXT was $290. I thought the MSRP for that was $250 - at least that's what I got mine for when it came out at Christmastime in 2006.

Obviously, YMMV, and it may be a good deal depending on what you were planning on getting. Just be sure to do the math first.
MG said…
I've visited the Toys 'R Us webpage and saw that the sale they have on Lego Mindstorms is "Buy 2 get 3rd Free" offer. It includes $15 credit for shipping.

Running the numbers (tax & shipping) it comes to $197.49 per Mindstorm kit. Not bad if you need 3 kits =pa
Anonymous said…
Actually, the mindstorms nxt set ships completely free. The $15 Free Shipping Credit is for Bill Me Later Customers. Under that text is a "SHIPS FREE" graphic, that means it ships free. It's confusing, but it does ship TOTALLY free.

Definitely do the math first, even though the Technic sets were 1-2 dollars more in-store, I saved a few hundred dollars when everything was totaled out!

Please complain to toysrus about them charging more than MSRP for Mindstorms NXT.
Eric D. Burdo said…
The local store here has them. If you need several kits, it's one of the better deals available. Works out to about $200 each (after taxes). Most of the time, the cheapest you can buy the kits for is about $230 US.

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