When Not Building Robots...

I have a LOT of hobbies and prefer to make things by hand when I can - so for my wife's recent birthday I suspected she'd probably like something non-robotic in nature. These were time consuming so I just haven't had much chance to play around with my latest NXT idea (it's coming... soon...) but maybe some of you will enjoy these and try your hand at making one... or two... (they are addictive). I'm working on doing one showing an NXT robot in motion, so stay tuned.




Anonymous said…
Is it me or is the blog getting more OT posts than normal? Or it can be just me :). Well that is pretty cool of a flip book. I like how it looks like an actual movie! Though in the beginning I thought it was some kind of circuit board. :)
Anonymous said…
They may sometimes be off topic but nxtstep still puts out 10x more nxt posts in a month than nxtasy does in 6months :P
so I'm cutting them some slack.

Kirk Backstrom said…
Its nice to see postings (once in a while) about what the founder of The Next Step does besides LEGO MINDSTORMS. Jim deserves this priviledge above anyone else as he contributes to the blog the most.

Jim: Nice flip books; a great gift idea - and it doesn't need batteries.

No worries - sometimes I just don't have much NXT news to write about... I try not to abuse the OT posts any more than I have to. I just figured readers might enjoy something non-technical in nature.

Anonymous said…
Great flip-books, Jim! I take they are your kids, or are they just some random people of YouTube?! :P Anyway, I assumed you use video, then print out frame by frame?

That's my boy... just at various ages in the video. I used Pinnacle 12 to grab individual frames from 3-4 seconds of video... usually ends up with about 90-100 separate jpegs that make up the stack.

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