This year, Fernando came over to visit LEGOWORLD and he brought a nice camera.
Eric, Gerrit, Martyn and and friends prepared an MGBC setup for LEGOWORLD.
And, what is MGBC, you asks. MGBC is an expansion (in the fully sense of the term...) from GBC concept and stands for "Much Greater Ball Contraption" or "MINDSTORMS Greater Ball Contraption".

It uses MINDSTORMS balls at a much slower transport rate than standard GBC. About 2 balls per minute.
See bellow one photo from the actual setup running at LEGOWORLD.

Do you want to see more!?
Ok, take a look to this post, today from 13:00 PM to 15:PM (GMT) to see LegoWorld MGBC in action, at TechnicBRICKs live video channel. Then it will be repeated Monday and Tuesday at the same hours (occasionally you may find it streaming at different periods).

Live video on top and live chat room at bottom. Tell us what do you think.

As alternative, you may follow it directly on this URL, or take a look at the original post in TechnicBRICKs.



Robotica said…
LEGOWORLD is over....

so the live stream is down.

sorry for all who missed it, hope to see you nxt year.

Anonymous said…
I thought the Ball contraption machine that held the large mindtorms/duplo balls at Brickfair 08 in washington DC was alot better than this set up

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