NXT controlled motorcycle – with realistic steering!

A German builder named leggor has created a remote control for his NXT fatboy motorcyle.  That by itself isn’t anything new.  Many folks have created remote controls for their NXT projects.

What is neat about this remote control… is it simulates a real motorcycle handlebar.  Complete with twistable throttle and a break.

A simple shot of the controller:


Here is a short video of the bike and control in action:


Thanks to Klocki for the heads-up on this project. There are some other neat projects on leggor’s BrickShelf page.


Very Neat remote control! Just right for a Nick Bluetooth or Bionicle figure.

Anonymous said…
That's really cool. are there any
resources about how to do this kind
of programming? thanks!
Anonymous said…
Where do those giant tires come from?
Anonymous said…
Ho, Hum. At first I was very excited to see such a project, but when it became obvious that the only reason this "motorcycle" works... balances that is... is because the wheels are so fat that it uses them for lateral stabilization, it became a lot less interesting.

This could have been a four wheel atv for all that matter. And guys, "resources about how to do this programming"! Just ask the designer, I'm sure he'll provide the code for you. Once you see it I think you'll realize just how simple it is.


No offense, but I'd sure like to see something you've designed that's not Ho, Hum :)

Please send me some pictures or video and if it's impressive, I'll be happy to blog about it.

Seriously - it's a cool little project and what's impressive isn't the actual motorcycle but the control implementation - that's what's cool about it.

Remember, if you can't say something nice...


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